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Legal Advice - Contracts, Cancelations, and COVID-19
By Cassandra Vagher

Between the CDC restricting gatherings or your local legislation mandating no personal services due to the coronavirus, most photographers and videographers are scrambling to reschedule or cancel current contracts. It's a tough time, and most of us don't even know what "force majeure" means. Do you get to keep your deposit? What happens if you cancel instead of them? Is holding a wedding even legal right now? Is your client putting you at legal risk? So many questions. We aren't lawyers, and chances are neither are you. We spent some time researching people who do know a thing or two about the confusing sentences in your contracts and how they apply to situations at hand. We are not giving legal advice; we just wanted to point you in the right direction. Below are free and paid resources, blogs, and podcasts to help you along this daunting journey:



The LawTog
The LawTog has a page with resources for COVID-19, including contract templates for purchase, a free force majeure clause, a free downloadable addendum to reschedule, and more. 

The Legal Paige
Paige has multiple free resources for creatives, including a step-by-step guide for rescheduling and canceling, clauses for your contracts, and plenty of other free resources. 



Ep 50: Covid-19 Discussion with Caroline Fox, J.D. of Engaged Legal
The Legal Paige Podcast covers force majeure and your current contracts, common law doctrine (in case you're missing that force majeure clause), refunding deposits, insurance policies, and more. 

Ep 51: Candid Covid Convo
Is your client asking you to violate the law? The Legal Paige Podcast dives in deeper on addendums, retainers, and more for your small business during this event. 

COVID-19 & Your Small Business
This blog post by Rachel Brenke covers insurance, understanding your contract, and checklists to take action now!



COVID-19 vs. Your Contracts: A FlowChart for Wedding & Event Pros
The Engaged Legal Collective provided a flow chart to assist you with understanding the correct steps to either cancel, refund, postpone, or when force majeure is acceptable. 

Coronavirus, Weddings & Events, and Force Majeure
The Engaged Legal Collective covers what "force majeure" means and how it affects you. Does the pandemic count as force majeure? That's covered here. 

COVID-19 and Your Photography Business
The LawTog packed this blog post with more information and resources than just their own. Canceled travel, canceled venues, and refunds are all briefly covered here. 

Did you learn a thing or two? So did we. While these resources are helpful, we still recommend reaching out to your lawyer if you are facing a problematic situation with a client. 


Did you find an excellent resource that isn't listed here? Let us know, and we'll update this post to share it with everyone. Email it to Cassandra at creative@cassandravagher.com or service@prophotorental.com.

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