Who is Pro Photo Rental, anyway?

Our Staff

Meet the Team
  • Jared K.
    Founder / Head Cheese

    Jared has been making photos since high school, back in the days when "photography" involved chisels and stone tablets. He has shot portraits and weddings professionally, as well as fine art abstracts. These days, he stays on his toes by chasing his kids around, trying to get a good photo. He loves to "talk shop" about the visual arts, but be careful when engaging him for shooting advice, as you may get a longer conversation than you bargained for.
  • Eric M.
    Client Happy-Maker

    If you write or call in, Eric is most likely the person you'll talk to. He makes sure that everything goes smoothly for you and ensures you get the best possible advice, whether that is the best way to light a subject or which lens might be best for your trip to Europe. Eric studied photography in college and has worked as a product photographer. His main passion now is capturing landscapes, especially at night. You'll find examples of his amazing work throughout this site.
  • David H.
    Product Technician Wizard

    Responsible for making sure your gear is in tip-top shape and perfectly functional, David knows all of the ins and outs of the equipment, and can meticulously clean a DSLR sensor so well it will make you oooh and aaaahhh. David studied filmmaking in college and is especially proud of his skate videos, which have been pressed to DVD and distributed in shops throughout the Denver area.
  • Luna
    Chief Petting Officer

    Luna joined the team in 2016 as an intern in the petting department, and quickly worked her way up the ladder to be part of the executive team. While she is definitely guilty of falling asleep on the job, we couldn't imagine things around here without her.
  • Moseley
    Senior Client Greeter

    Moseley is here to greet you at the door, wag happily, and make you smile. If you pet him, he'll most likely either roll over for a belly rub or lean against your legs for more lovin'. He is super chill, and is the textbook affirmative answer to the question "Who's a good boy?"

Why choose us?

You're a professional. You're an amateur. You're going on vacation. You just really like pretty pictures. Whatever the reason, Pro Photo Rental has got your back. This company was built from the sweat and tears of photographers trying to make a living. That's why we try so hard to make the photo/video equipment rental process an easy one.

At the risk of sounding like name-droppers, we've been fortunate enough to have our equipment go to NASA, Oscar-nominated directors, publicly-traded companies, major motion picture production houses, and network TV stations. We have clients in all 50 states, and our equipment has been on all 7 continents. That being said, some of our favorite clients are just starting out and amaze us with the art they create. What an experience!

We are always trying to think of innovative ways to change the game when it comes to renting equipment. We were the first online camera rental company to use a calendar system (hello, 2007!). Then we re-imagined what rental pricing should be and came up with our “anti-day rate” pricing that simplifies the rental process and saves you money. Not enough, you say? Well, how about the fact that you don't have to worry about your gear coming in a flimsy cardboard box? We pack our sensitive gear in Pelican cases that are nearly indestructible. We have had them thoroughly tested with lightsabers, fire-breathing dragons, antarctic conditions, and sent them through black holes. We figure that replicates about 80% of the hazards of a trip through the UPS shipping system. Also, every piece of equipment is checked thoroughly by our team of professionals before and after every rental. You can trust us to provide you with the best gear in the best condition.

Bottom line? We put effort into being worth your while.

Every member of our staff has experience as photographers and filmmakers. You can trust us. You're talking to real people, with real field experience, who can communicate with you like you're human... because we figure there is a good chance that you actually are. We want to make sure you're getting what you need, without fear of being upsold. You will not find any trace of a smarmy sales pitch here. You've got questions, we've got answers. Simple as that. Need help deciding on a setup? How can you get that perfect shot? We want to help. We practically live, breathe, and eat cameras. Well, okay, we don't actually eat cameras... that would be weird. The point is, we know a lot about photo and video production, and it's not fair that we keep all that knowledge to ourselves. We believe there is a greater purpose than just renting out whatever we can. We want to build a friendship. So let's be friends. Friends are awesome.