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Pro Photo Rental

Shooting Wide Open - Caution!
By Zac Henderson

Shallow depth of field. That magical look that gets the subject in sharp focus while everything behind the subject completely falls away into a buttery, creamy, silky smooth dream.

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Teleconverters: No Free Lunch
By Zac Henderson

Ever wish you could get just a bit more magnification out of your telephoto lens? Is 200mm sometimes just not quite long enough? You’re in luck! Teleconverters can extend your lens’s focal length up to 2x , meaning  you can finally fill your frame with that squirrel’s headshot.

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What Camera Should I Buy?
By Zac Henderson

There are more people taking images now than ever before in history. To keep up with such a massive demand and interest in photography, new and old camera companies have been churning out cameras of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and prices.

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Hyperfocal Distance: Get the most out of your landscape photography
By Zac Henderson
Hyperfocal Distance Landscape

There’s more to landscape and nature photography than setting up a tripod in front of the mountains, letting your camera autofocus, and pressing a button.

Creativity in nature photography is important, and often there are subjects in your foreground that you want to include in the image, but you also want to keep the mountains in the distance in focus. There are several ways to do this: focus stacking, camera movements like tilt, and the use of hyperfocal distance.

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