Sony NP-FZ100 to P-Tap Adapter

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The Sony FZ-100 battery is definitely a step in the right direction compared to its predecessor, but it still can leave a little to be desired if you need to power your camera for long shooting days on location.

That's where this simple beauty comes in. It coverts a p-tap (or d-tap, depending on where you're from) into a "dummy" battery that fits in the usual FZ-100 battery slot. It converts a 10-18 Volt signal into a safely regulated 8 Volts so it won't fry your camera.

The relaxed cable is about 16" long and the coils extend to roughly 30" when fully straightened.

Additional Information

Brand Generic
Weight (lbs) No
Power Type "Dummy" Battery
Battery Type NP-FZ100
Output Voltage 8

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