USB Power Pack for R5c

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The Canon R5c is one beast of a camera. And beasts get hungry, you know? In this case, the camera is hungry for power (the electrical kind). In fact, in certain shooting modes, the factory battery with that camera is not enough power, and you lose all electrical lens functions. Not good.

However, there is good news. The camera can be powered through its USB-C port, and as long as you have the right USB power supply (namely one that is "PD" rated for 45+ Watts), then you have access to all shooting modes without any restrictions. Renting this pack will get you get access to all shooting modes AND give you roughly 5 times the energy capacity of the standard factory battery, so you can shoot all day. What's not to love?

Your rental will also include a 1/4-20 adapter that allows you to securely mount this battery directly to the bottom of the camera. Finally, a USB-C cable and 20W charger are included for your convenience.

Additional Information

Brand Generic
Weight (lbs) No
Power Type Portable battery pack
Battery Type Li-Ion
Output Voltage 8.4
Energy Capacity (Wh) 100

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