Canon R5 C Cinema Camera Body

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Brand: Canon

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The R5 body quickly became one of our most popular mirrorless bodies, and for good is a simply breathtaking camera. It does a nice blend of photo and video functions. But if we're honest, it's probably 60% photo and 40% video. That's great, but it still left a bit to be desired for the video shooters. Well, Canon heard your pleading and created what is (in our opinion) the perfect blend of photo and video performance.

We won't go over the photo specs here. If you know the R5, then those specs transfer directly over to this camera as well. There is NO LOSS of any functionality or performance with this body compared to the R5. We repeat: this camera did not give up anything in the photo-taking department. It simply makes gains on the video side of things.

With that out of the way, there are a number of things that video shooters will LOVE about this camera. First on the list is an externally-ducted fan that removes heat from the body and allows UNLIMITED 8K60 recording. This is big stuff, folks. Heat was arguably the R5 body's biggest problem, and this camera completely erases that issue.

Switch the EOS R5 C's main switch to the "video" position and the familiar Cinema EOS menu system and interface take over. High-level video features such as waveform monitors, video codec options, and extensive audio control become available, greatly expanding the EOS R5 C's video potential for you video content creators. Let's see... You get 8K60. You get 4K120 for cinematic slow-speed footage. You also get (big breath) HDMI RAW output, Canon Log 3 HLG/PQ support, unlimited recording time at any setting, a timecode port, Dual Pixel CMOS AF with eye detection, 13 reassignable buttons, and a multi-function shoe for XLR adapters. Whew. That's a mouthful.

The EOS R5 C camera is also capable of recording two independent video files simultaneously, such as Cinema RAW Light and MP4 at various resolutions including 4K and HD, as well as lightweight proxy files for various professional workflows. XF-AVC offers robust 10-bit 4:2:2 files in a .MXF wrapper for simple compatibility with nearly every non-linear editing system (NLE) on the market, so it will slot easily into your existing workflow.

Let's sum this up with a nice TL;DR. Basically, take everything you love about the R5 and add killer video functions that rival dedicated (and wildly expensive) cinema cameras. In a word, it is fantastic. You owe it to yourself to rent this and experience all it has to offer.

Incredibly important note: For full-frame 8K60, Super 35 5.9K60, and Super 16 2.9K120 with Cinema RAW Light recording, standard LP-E6NH battery packs WILL NOT be able to power the electronics of RF lenses (or EF lenses attached via an adapter). You can use purely mechanical lenses without issue at these settings. If you have access to AC wall power, you can simply use the USB-C power adapter in the "Related Products" below.

Included with your rental:

  • Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera
  • Canon LP-E6NH battery pack
  • Canon LC-E6 charger
  • Canon factory body cap (RF)

Additional Information

Brand Canon
Interchangeable Lens Yes
Lens Mount Canon RF
Sensor Size Full Frame (35mm)
Max Video Resolution 8192 x 5464
Max Framerate @ 1080p (fps) 60
Max Framerate @ 4K (fps) 120
Max Framerate @ Max Resolution (fps) 60
Max Video Bitrate (Mbps) 2600
Recording Media CFexpress Type B, SD
Media Slots 2
Min ISO 100
Max ISO 51200
Base ISO 100
Battery Type LP-E6NH
Max Power Draw (W) 18
HDMI Outputs 1
HDMI Output Type Micro (Type D)
SDI Output Type No
Built-in Microphone Yes
Audio Input 3.5mm
Headphone Jack Yes
Display Size (in) 3.2
USB Connection USB Type C
Hotshoe mounts 1
In-body Stabilization Yes
Optical Zoom n/a
In-body ND Filters None
Depth (in) 4.4
Height (in) 4
Width (in) 5.6
Weight (lbs) 1.7

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