Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mount System (V-mount)

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Brand: Tilta

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Welcome to the most versatile, secure, and vibration-free car mount under $20K. We love this kit for its performance as well as its versatility of mounting options. It can be used in a traditional "hostess tray" mount configuration, as well as a hood, trunk, or low-angle side-panel setup.

It pairs absolutely beautifully with the Ronin RS2 gimbal, and even includes a mount that powers the gimbal using V-mount batteries. Just to be clear, this kit does not include the gimbal or batteries. That way if you already own the gimbal, you don't have to pay more than you need to. If you want to add those options, please see "Related Items" below.

Using various dovetail plates and shock absorbing arms, this system can be configured in myriad ways. See the photos for several examples. Unfortunately, the BMW in the photos is not included with your rental. ;-)

However, here's what IS included with your rental:

  • Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System (V-Mount)
  • Hydra Alien Dovetail Plate Kit (L1, L2, L3, L4)
  • Hydra Alien Dovetail Connector Plate
  • Hydra Alien Large Suction Cup
  • Hydra Alien Small Suction Cup (x2)
  • Hydra Alien Shock-Absorbing Arm with Hydraulic Damping Pole
  • Hydra Alien Shock-Absorbing Head
  • Hydra Alien 90° Adapter for Shock-Absorbing Head
  • Power Supply Baseplate for DJI RS 2
  • Power Cable for Power Supply Baseplate
  • Hydra Alien Dual Battery Plate Support Bracket
  • Hydra Alien V-Mount Battery Plate (x2)
  • Counterweight, 7.8 oz (x8)
  • Hydra Alien Cable Clamp Suction Cup (x10)
  • Safety Tether
  • Tool Kit
  • Waterproof Hard-Shell Safety Case

Additional Information

Brand Tilta
Accessory Type Mount
Weight (lbs) 40

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