IDX High Capacity Dual V-mount Kit

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Brand: IDX

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When your inner Scotty is screaming "I can't do it, Captain. I don't have the power!", you need to reach for this kit. You get two 147Wh batteries and a dual bay charger, which is enough power to run a pretty large camera rig with accessories for a looong time. Or a couple of LED lights. Or maybe you just want your cell phone to last for a couple weeks without plugging it in. Go ahead and feed that Instagram addiction while camping. We won't judge.

These batteries are the CUE-D150 Li-Ion model from IDX, which is their high-draw model that isolates and cradles each cell lovingly within the housing. We can only assume that they use some kind of hybrid of Unicorn belly fur and titanium to achieve that level of protection, but what we do know for sure is that it adds up to a safer experience for you and helps prevent fires & explosion. That sounds good in our book.

Each battery has a D-Tap port for powering accessories, and the combined power draw can be as high as 95W (max of 50W out of the D-Tap port). Lesser batteries can activate their over-discharge protection at the worst possible time on set. Ain't nobody got time for that. While these batteries also have that protection, it activates at a higher power draw. This is great for high-draw items like LED lights which can stretch (or exceed) the capabilities of many other batteries. Speaking of protection, they have over-charge and over-current safeties built in as well.

The VL-2X charger in this rental kit is a dual-battery design, charging one side at a time in sequential order. With its 2.7A of output, it will charge a fully dead CUE-D150 (the ones in this kit) in about 5 hours. One nice feature of this charger is that it is fanless, so you can have it running on set without worrying about driving your audio guy crazy. You can also use it as a 36W DC power supply via a 4-pin XLR cable (not included).

NOTE: The CUE-D batteries in this kit can ONLY be charged with an IDX CUE-compatible charger (like the one we include). Do not charge these batteries by any other method. Thank you for paying attention to this!

Included with your rental:

  • IDX CUE-D150 V-mount battery (x2)
  • IDX VL-2X 2-channel V-mount charger & power supply
  • AC adapter & power cord for charger
  • Hard-side case for safe transport & storage

Additional Information

Brand IDX
Weight (lbs) 10
Power Type V-mount battery
Battery Type Li-Ion
Output Voltage 14.8
Current Capacity (mAh) 9800
Energy Capacity (Wh) 146

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