Rode RODEcaster Pro Podcast Studio

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Brand: Rode

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Introducing the Rode Rodecaster Pro, the epitome of podcast production studios specifically crafted for podcasters, be it novices or seasoned professionals. This all-in-one solution is engineered to provide you with unparalleled audio quality, a myriad of expansive features while maintaining a user-friendly interface, making it the go-to gear for any podcaster aiming for professional-grade recordings.

At the core of Rodecaster Pro lies its integral mixer and digital recorder, simplifying the technical landscape for podcasters. This unit allows you to plug in up to four XLR microphones, making it ideal for group podcasts or live shows. You can uniquely set up each microphone via the control panel, providing different options and presets for an optimized audio experience specific to each user's voice.​

Recording has never been easier with Rodecaster Pro. It allows multitrack recording either directly onto an SD card or into your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) on your computer, offering flexibility in post-production and ensuring no loss of audio data2​. The array of built-in audio processing tools, including a compressor, high-pass filter, de-esser, noise gate, ducking, and humorously named EQ presets, Aural Exciter & Big Bottom, are at your disposal to enhance the audio quality, leveling out volumes, reducing unwanted noises, and further refining the tone of your voice.​

The Rodecaster Pro transcends the boundaries of traditional podcasting equipment by allowing you to record phone calls and remote online interviews, expanding your interaction capabilities with guests and audiences. The seamless connection to a computer enables you to add your own jingles and sound effects at the touch of a button, enriching your live shows or "as live" recordings​.

Unleash your creativity with the Rodecaster Pro's 8 large sound pad buttons. Load them with sound effects, transitions, or entire pre-recorded interviews, and have them ready at your fingertips during your podcast sessions. The sound pads also come with a pause function and a remaining time display, ideal for managing outro music or other timed segments​.

Engage with your listeners in real-time with Rodecaster Pro's live broadcasting features. Preview pre-recorded audio files without interrupting your broadcast or recording session, and communicate with callers off-air to ensure a seamless audio experience before bringing them onto the show​.

The intuitive design extends to a prominent color touchscreen that provides easy access to settings, presets, and other key functions, embodying a user-centric approach that makes podcasting a breeze even for the less technically inclined​.

The Rode Rodecaster Pro is not just a podcast production studio; it's a catalyst that transforms your podcasting journey, merging simplicity with professional-grade features. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade your podcasting setup, the Rodecaster Pro stands as an indispensable tool in your podcasting arsenal.

Rent one to see for yourself how much easier this can make your audio production duties.

Additional Information

Brand Rode
Tracks 14
Recording Formats .wav, .mp3
Audio Input - XLR 4
TRS Inputs - 1/4" 4
TRS Inputs - 3.5mm 1
Line Out Yes
Battery Type n/a
Recording Media MicroSD
Media Slots 1
Headphone Jack Yes
Weight (lbs) 4.2

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