RED 2 TB Pro CFExpress Type B Memory Card

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Brand: RED

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We thought that RED was getting away from their proprietary memory format with the V-Raptor. It seemed like any high-end card was going to work with it instead of relying on their proprietary format.

Alas, dear friend, we were wrong. And it sucks. As of the latest firmware update, the V Raptor no longer reads cards that used to work just fine with it (e.g. the high speed CFExpress cards from SanDisk). Unfortunately, there is not other option but to buy RED's own branded cards at a pricing premium. We're sorry about that. We really are. We wish it weren't this way, but it seems like RED is still up to their old business plan of gouging customers on memory prices.

The upshot is that this card works absolutely flawlessly in every resolution, framerate, and compression level that the V-Raptor shoots. So I guess we've got that going for us.

Additional Information

Brand RED
Memory Type CFexpress (Type B)
Storage Capacity (GB) 2000
Max Write Speed (MB/sec) 800
Max Read Speed (MB/sec) 800
Weight (lbs) No

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