Matthews Matthbounce Floppy 40x40"

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Brand: Matthews

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I know what you're thinking.

How can something be both floppy AND bounce? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? What is this...witchcraft?

Allow me to calm your nerves, friend. There is no witchcraft here. This is a truly versatile piece of lighting control, and renting this Matthews floppy bounce will give you several options for either bouncing some positive fill light (white side) or negative fill (black side). You'll be a hit on set, and they'll probably promote you from grip to right to key grip in a single production due to your good ideas*.

We love that they're small enough to fit in most vehicles (unlike their larger cousin, the 4x4 floppy). That being said, the fabric is relatively thin on these, so you're going to want to be careful with them.

The frame is constructed out of hollow steel to save weight, but the mounting pin is solid steel for durability and strength. Simply mount it in any standard grip head and decide whether you need a simple square, or undo the velcro and flop the panel open to a full 80 x 40 inches. Sweet!

While the black side will certainly help block light and make a great flag, it must be said that it is not quite as good at absorbing bounced light like a true duvetyne fabric. If you need that kind of modifier, please see the related products below.

*promotion not guaranteed by Pro Photo Rental

Additional Information

Brand Matthews
Modifier Type Backdrop, Flag, Reflector / Bounce
Length (ft) 3.33
Width (ft) 3.33
Mount Type Mini-pin
Weight (lbs) 6

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