Matthews 40x40" Floppy Flag/Cutter

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Brand: Matthews

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The 4x4 Matthews floppy cutter flags have always been a popular rental item for us, but just too darn big to transport unless you have a massive vehicle—hence the birth of this item: the 40 x 40" Floppy. Taking 8" off the height and width makes it much more manageable in tight spaces and allows it to fit in nearly medium-size or larger vehicles.

Simply undo the touch fasteners (aka velcro) at the corners, and the Top Hinge Floppy "flops" opens to become a large 40 x 80" black flag that creates a sort of open-sided tent. You can use that little tent to shade talent, your camera, a video village, or play hide and seek with your friends. The frame is hollow steel to cut down on weight, while the solid steel mounting pin slips easily into a standard grip head and can withstand years of heavy use.

Additional Information

Brand Matthews
Modifier Type Flag
Density Solid
Length (ft) 3.9
Width (ft) 3.33
Mount Type Mini-pin
Weight (lbs) 6

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