eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Pro with Dolly Integration (V-Mount)

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Brand: eMotimo

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This kit is exactly what you need to turn a Camera Goat or Dana Dolly into a 4-axis motorized motion machine. You get everything you need, other than the dolly (and batteries, if you can’t plug it into mains power). If you’ve already got one of these two dolly systems, this kit will bolt right up. If not, you can rent one from us (see Related Items, below).

Note that this kit will ONLY work with a Dana Dolly or full size Camera Goat Dolly. Other dolly systems use different mounting hardware which does not come in this kit.

In addition to the standard motorized axes (pan, tilt, and slide), you’ll also get a FIZ motor for use on your lens. So you can pull focus, zoom in, or adjust aperture as needed, all from the wireless PS4 controller in your hands.

The belt included in this kit allows up to an 8 foot slide, and the head can be set to manual mode or programmed into a huge variety of presets like “quiet interview” and “turbo”.

If you’re using this for time-lapse, simply select a shutter release cable from the dropdown below and plug it into the main control unit. It handles the rest from there, moving and snapping shots in exactly the way you programmed it to.

The kit comes with an AC adapter, but can also run off of V-mount batteries (not included, available below).

The load rating for this kit is 15lbs, which should work with the vast majority of camera systems out there, but do keep that in mind.

Included with your rental:

  • Spectrum ST-4 Motion Control Head
  • Heavy duty L-Bracket
  • V-mount battery plate
  • PS4 wireless controller with charging cable
  • Fore/Aft adjustment plate
  • Hard-sided travel case
  • 24V AC power supply
  • Slider motor pod
  • Slider belt
  • Integrated belt clamp for use with Dana or Camera Goat dolly (x2)
  • Half-ball mount for use with Dana or Camera Goat dolly (100mm)
  • Optional: Shutter release cable (if needed)

Additional Information

Brand eMotimo
Support Type Dolly, Slider
Mount Type 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16
Load Capacity (lbs) 15
Max Length (ft) 8
Weight (lbs) 12

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