Dracast Bi-Color LED1000 Pro - 3 light kit

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Brand: Dracast

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We put together this rental kit to be a great on-location 3-point light setup for a wide variety of video lighting situations. The star of the show is the Dracast LED1000 Pro 1x1 panel, which gives you color adjustability (3200-5600K) as well as a dimmer for complete control over the quantity and color of the light on each unit. These lights also have V-mount battery plates when you don't have wall power available. With a low 60W draw per panel at full power, you can expect roughly 90 minutes of run time out of a standard 90 Wh battery. To keep costs down for those who don't need them, we don't include batteries, but we have many options for rent. See the "Related Products" section below for our favorites.

As they say: What is power without control? To address that question, we've included two Chimera 1x1 LED Tech lightbanks and a set of barndoors with this kit. Use the two soft lights up front as key and fill, then use the barndoors on your third fixture to create a nice hair light or perhaps light the background. The choices are up to you, but you'll have all the options available.

Included with your rental:

  • Dracast LED1000 Pro Bi-Color LED (x3)
  • 7' light stand (x3)
  • Chimera 1655 LED Tech lightbank (x2)
  • Dracast barndoors (x1)

Additional Information

Brand Dracast
Lighting Type Fixture, Panel
Lamp Style LED
Tungsten Equivalent Output, approx (W) 600
Color Temp Variable Yes
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 3200-5600
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode No
CRI 95
Power Option Battery and A/C
Battery Type V-mount
Max Power Draw (W) 60
Built-in Wireless Control No
Dimming 0-100%
Beam Angle (degrees) 45
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Barndoors Included Yes
Height (in) 11.9
Length (in) 12
Width (in) 2.3
Weight (lbs) 5.5

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3 ft / 0.9 m 6 ft / 1.8 m 9 ft / 2.7 m 12 ft / 3.6 m
343 fc @ 3200K 107 fc @ 3200K 49 fc @ 3200K 28 fc @ 3200K
669 fc @ 4400K 190 fc @ 4400K 88 fc @ 4400K 52 fc @ 4400K
390 fc @ 5600K 111 fc @ 5600K 49 fc @ 5600K 28 fc @ 5600K
3800 lux @3200K 1150 lux @ 3200K 530 lux @ 3200K 300 lux @ 3200K
7200 lux @ 4400K 2050 lux @ 4400K 950 lux @ 4400K 560 lux @ 4400K
4200 lux @ 5600K 1200 lux @ 5600K 530 lux @ 5600K 300 lux @ 5600K