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Some dynamic mics are known to bring all but the most powerful preamps to their knees (we're looking at you, SM7B). The problem with that is that you end up cranking the amplification all the way up, which introduces unwanted noise to the signal.

That's where this genius device comes into play. It uses the phantom power that is normally supplied by an amp to provide up to +25dB of gain to mics that can't use that phantom power. This is an important point, so I'll make it again: if your microphone *requires* phantom power to operate, then it will NOT work with this device. But if you're using a passive dynamic mic such as a ribbon (or really anything that doesn't require phantom power), then you can benefit from the gain boost it provides. If none of that makes sense, give us a call and we'll get you all set up.

Pretty much every dynamic mic will benefit from this product, from the SM58 to the aforementioned SM7B to the RE20. Any time you can get a noise-free boost to the signal, that's a good thing! Highly recommended for all but the highest-end mic mixer/pre-amp systems.

Simply plug it in between your mic and your pre-amp, turn +48V phantom power on your pre-amp and you're good to go!

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Brand Cloud Microphones
Accessory Type Audio
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