Electro-voice RE20 Microphone

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Brand: Electro-Voice

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Looking for that NPR sound? That smooth, rich, perfect announcer voice? Well, we may not be able to turn a 12 year old boy into Carl Kasell, but this mic is absolutely made for capturing great clarity and definition that works so well for vocals. Considered a staple at nearly every radio station in the country, this mic is known throughout the industry as the one to go to for great vocal performance. One of the key features is the "Variable D", which basically gets rid of the so-called proximity affect. Essentially, this mic doesn't change its frequency profile like most mics do if you happen to move a little closer or further away while talking. We love this mic for voiceover work, podcasting, or any time you need to bring out the best in a speaking voice.

As a bonus, we include both the foam windscreen for blocking "plosives", as well as the suspension shockmount with your rental, giving you an easy way to mount to any standard 5/8-27 microphone mount such as a mic stand or hands-free broadcast arm. See Related Products below for more.

Included with your rental:

  • Electro-voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D
  • Auray SSM-BC10 Microphone Suspension Shockmount (Matte Black)
  • Auray WCF-UB440 Foam Windscreen

Additional Information

Brand Electro-Voice
Mic Type Vocal
Transducer Style Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Supercardioid
Stereo / Mono Mono
Phantom Power Required No
Windscreen Type Foam
Audio Output XLR
Battery Type No
Max Power Draw (W) No

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