Aputure Spotlight (36 deg)

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Brand: Aputure

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This 36 degree spotlight mount makes an awesome addition to your Aputure 120, 300, or 600 series lights, with a beautifully focused beam that gives a nice hard edge and minimal color fringing.

You get a ton of flexibility with the beam shape because of the included gobos and sliding barn doors. Plus, the lens focus allows you to soften or sharpen the look of the gobo, giving you the perfect look to match your set.

The spotlight mount has an included yoke that will accommodate both junior and baby pins. We've found that it balances almost perfectly using a 600X LED, allowing you to forgo the yoke on the light itself.

Everything packs into the included hard-side case for easy transport, protection, and organization.

Included with your rental:

  • Aputure Spotlight Mount Set with 36 degree lens
  • 3x B-size gobo patterns (slats, leaves, roots)
  • Gobo holder
  • Gel frame
  • Hard case

Additional Information

Brand Aputure
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 21

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