Aputure Light Storm LS300X LED

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Brand: Aputure

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Sometimes a piece of gear comes along that represents such good value for money that you simply can't ignore it. This is one of those products. It has quickly become one of the favorite lights in our entire catalog. We've seen a lot of lights over the years, and the Aputure Light Storm is a winner.

The Aputure LS300X can go from a subtle fill light all the way to an incredibly bright main source, and is flicker-free throughout its dimming range. Since it uses a single source LED, the shadows you get look completely natural (none of that multi-shadow problem you get with mult-source lights). You can adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, giving you tons of flexibility as you match other lights (or the sun) in your scene. For those of you that care about color rendering (and that should be ALL of you, by the way), you get a CRI of 95, TLCI of 98, SS1 of 85 and D55-SSI of 74. If that's too much alphabet soup for you, just know that this light is one of the best out there at rendering accurate colors and skin tones in your shot.

If you're needing to use it on location, this model is able to use one or two v-mount batteries. Using two is probably a better choice, as the power draw is best handled by two rather than one (and you'll get much better battery life). See the "Related Products" (below) for the batteries we recommend. The LCD shows you how much time you have remaining at the current settings, which is incredibly handy when you're trying to sneak in those last shots on a long day.

Light Storm lights use the common Bowens S-mount for light modifiers. You can use it open-faced to get a 105° beam angle, or use the included hyper reflector to focus the beam down to 55°. We also carry many different kinds of modifiers for this light, and you can see those listed below.

The control box also allows for some fun effects such as Lightning, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulb, TV, and Fire.

All in all this light is extrememly flexible and extremely capable. It's almost enough that you can forgive the spelling of the brand name. Rent it and see what it can do for your next shoot!

Your rental includes:

  • Aputure Light Storm LS300X LED Kit with V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Control Box
  • Quick-release clamp
  • 55° Hyper reflector
  • AC Power Cable, 6m (Neutrik powerCON style)
  • Head Cable, 3m (5-pin XLR style)
  • Cable Relief Hook
  • Padded Carry Case to hold everything

Additional Information

Brand Aputure
Lighting Type Fixture, Spot
Lamp Style LED
Tungsten Equivalent Output, approx (W) 1000
Color Temp Variable Yes
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 2700-6500
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode No
CRI 95
Power Option Battery and A/C
Battery Type V-Mount
Max Power Draw (W) 400
Built-in Wireless Control Yes
Built-in Wireless Type Bluetooth, DMX, Wi-Fi
Built-in Wireless Range (ft) 40
Dimming 0-100
Beam Angle (degrees) 55
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Barndoors Included No
Ballast Separate
Height (in) 8.5
Length (in) 13.6
Width (in) 8.5
Weight (lbs) 25

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