Angelbird CFExpress Type B Card - 2 TB

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Brand: Angelbird

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This card is not currently compatible with the RED V-Raptor camera. We are confident hopeful that a future firmware update will allow them to be used together, and we will update this listing accordingly. But do not order this card for that camera if you're reading this.

It's almost unimaginable that you can fit 2 Terabytes of storage on a memory card this size. I know, I know. I'm dating myself with a statement like that. But it's true, isn't it? Two terabyes is a massive amount of space.

The beauty of this card is that it has a huge amount of storage AND a huge amount of speed. To wit: you get 1700 MB/sec in read speed and 1500 MB/sec in write speed. So that means you can max out the settings on your camera without risk of the card falling behind, and when it's time to put your footage or photos on the computer, it's a less time-consuming process.

As with all Angelbird cards, this one is built "tough". Angelbird's AV Pro CFexpress 2.0 cards have been designed with protection against shock, dust, water, temperature extremes, and x-rays. Their MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) rating is 2.4 million hours. I know the producers are working you overtime, but I'm pretty sure 2.4 million hours will keep you covered.

So if you need a ton of fast, reliable storage, rent this CFExpress card and prepare to be amazed.

Additional Information

Brand Angelbird
Memory Type CFexpress (Type B)
Storage Capacity (GB) 2000
Max Write Speed (MB/sec) 1500
Max Read Speed (MB/sec) 1700
Weight (lbs) No

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