Zykkor 4-way Macro focusing rail

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Brand: Zykkor

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If you’re into shooting macro imagery then you know that it can be difficult to nail focus. You’re probably working with paper-thin depth of field already, and every movement you make drastically changes everything if you’re shooting 1:1 or greater. Thats why you rent the Zykkor 4-way Macro focusing rail. This geared rail allow for very small, precise movement. Instead of moving the focusing ring of your lens to change focus, the macro rail changes the position of the camera overall, allowing for much finer adjustments.

Additional Information

Brand Zykkor
Head Type Macro Rails
Mount/Base Flat
Load Capacity (lbs) 5
Adjustable Counter Balance No
Adjustable Tilt Resistance No
Adjustable Pan Resistance No
Weight (lbs) 1.75

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