Wooden Camera PL Lens to Sony E Body Mount Adapter Kit

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Brand: Wooden Camera

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Rent this lens mount adapter to mount cinema-grade PL lenses to Sony bodies such as the A7S III, A7R V, FX3, or FX6.

There are two major design features that take this adapter above and beyond the cheap generic ones. First, this kit includes shims of various thickness so that you can adjust focus to match up to the body exactly. This allows you to account for and correct various tolerances in the system that could otherwise have a detrimental effect on your image quality and sharpness.

The second feature we love is the included body mount. This allows you to stabilize the lens and transfer the force from the lens mount to the (much stronger) tripod mount, rather than having it stress the lens mount. The included adapter pins allow you to adjust for a wide variety of body and lens sizes, making it much easier to find that perfect fit.

We also include the hex keys that you might need to work with this kit, ensuring that you have everything you need on set.

Included with your rental:

  • Wooden Camera PL to Sony E Mount Pro Adapter
  • Seven (7) shims for adjusting flange focus distance
  • Lens foot and mini-cheeseplate camera mount
  • Six (6) mount posts, 2 each of 3 lengths
  • 1/4-20 screw for attaching cheeseplate to camera
  • Three (3) hex keys

Additional Information

Brand Wooden Camera
Accessory Type Adapter
Weight (lbs) 0.6

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