Westcott Peter Hurley Flex LED Mat Kit

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Brand: Westcott

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Chances are you’ve never seen lights like this! Imagine all the lighting possibilities with a flexible, daylight balanced, color accurate, LED light “mat”. Get creative and mold these lights from 140-degrees light spread to 360-degrees, or anywhere in the middle. Want to stay a little more traditional? Not a problem, you can still mount these lights and create a more traditional studio look for your portraiture or product photography. When we say “mat”, we mean these lights are just as flexible, durable, and slim as a mat… and just as easy to transport and store! They work amazingly well for lighting the interior of a car...use the velcro to attach it to the headliner and you're good to go!

Your rental includes:

  • Flex Daylight 1x3' panel (x2)
  • Flex Daylight 1x2' panel (x2)
  • Dimmer/ballast unit with extension cable (x4)
  • Full-Stop Diffusion Fabric (x4)
  • Scrim Jim Cine Framework for 4 Frames
  • Grip Head (x4)
  • Center Jaw Vise Grips (x4)
  • Wheeled Travel Case for everything except stands
  • Kit stand (x4)

Additional Information

Brand Westcott
Lighting Type Panel
Lamp Style LED
Color Temp Variable No
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 5600
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode No
Power Option A/C Plug
Built-in Wireless Control No
Dimming 0 - 100%
Beam Angle (degrees) 140
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8"), Velcro
Barndoors Included No
Ballast Separate
Height (in) 10
Length (in) 48
Width (in) 18
Weight (lbs) 50

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