Tether Tools Low Boy Rolling Stand

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Brand: Tether Tools

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This rock solid stand is a fantastic way to support any gear that uses a 5/8" baby pin mount.

Most of our clients use it for things like a laptop support, monitor stand, or an easy-to-position light stand for smaller lights. But you can use it for a huge variety of things.

The double-riser design adjusts from 37.5" to 71" in height, and it has a nice wide footprint of 36" for lots of stability. The casters all have locks on them to hold things in place, and the locks easily release for when you're ready to, um, get rolling again. (sorry...couldn't resist). When your ready for transport, the legs fold up and create a package roughly 34"x 7" diameter, which is hugely helpful when you're trying to fit all of the gear into your production vehicle.

The official load capacity is 55lbs, although you'd probably want to keep it in its lowest position if you're putting that much weight on there. Regardless, we love this stand for its smooth rollers, compact design, heavy duty build quality, and stability.

Additional Information

Brand Tether Tools
Support Type Stand
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Load Capacity (lbs) 55
Min Height (ft) 3.125
Max Height (ft) 5.92
Footprint (ft) 3
Weight (lbs) 15.3

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