Tabletop Overhead Arm

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One of the most helpful positions for a camera setup is directly overhead, but ironically enough, that's one of the toughest positions to support.

Many people try to use a tripod with the column in a horizontal position. While that can work, it's not always a great way to do it, and in general requires a very wide base on the tripod (or a lot of counterweight) to make it work.

This product aims to solve that problem. It clamps to a table and extends out to give you plenty of room to shoot from above. The arm can be angled or held horizontal depending on your exact needs. Flexible when you need it to be, and rock solid when you need that. It's a great solution to a common problem. We especially like it for document digitization work, as you cam easily get repeatable results.

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Brand Generic
Accessory Type Mount
Weight (lbs) 3

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