Sunbounce Sunbouncer Pro Reflector Kit

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Brand: SunBounce

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Rent the Sun-Bouncer Pro 4 x 6 reflector kit for a large portable reflector that's light and easy to use, especially hand-held. The 3 included fabrics all have white on one side for natural reflection. The silver fabric is great for cooling down the light and getting extra efficiency. The gold fabric will warm up your subject and is especially nice on skin tones. The silver/gold zebra pattern is a bit in the'll warm up the light by ~400K and still get a little more "punch". This is a great, versatile reflector kit to have on set.

Your rental includes:

  • Sun-bouncer Pro 4x6 frame
  • Sun-bouncer 4x6 Silver/White double-sided fabric
  • Sun-bouncer 4x6 Gold/White double-sided fabric
  • Sun-bouncer 4x6 Zebra/White double-sided fabric

Additional Information

Brand SunBounce
Modifier Type Reflector / Bounce
Length (ft) 6
Width (ft) 4
Weight (lbs) 4

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