Solar ND Filter - 82mm

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Brand: Tiffen

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I saw a great sign in a University optics lab when I was on a field trip during grade school. It said "Do not look into the laser with your remaining good eye". See, the joke is that you had *already* looked at the laser and lost vision in one of your eyes.

This solar filter reminds me of that. It is used for blocking the sun's rays so that you can take photos of solar eclipses and other phenomena. It is a full 18 stops, or also known as a filter factor of 5.4x.

It will help prevent damage to your camera, sensor, and lens during these events. HOWEVER: It is NOT rated for direct viewing of the sun, so please don't do that.

We rent this in the 82mm size which allows you to use it on 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, and 67mm filter mounts using the proper step-down ring, which you can select from the drop-down below.

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Brand Tiffen
Accessory Type Filter
Weight (lbs) 0.1

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