SmallRig Gimbal Counterbalance Kit

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Brand: SmallRig

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The achilles heel of small gimbals like the Ronin-S is not the weight capacity. No, indeed. The problem isn't how MUCH weight, but rather how that weight must be positioned on the gimbal. This becomes a real problem when you mount a light camera like the Sony A7 series with a long, front-heavy lens such as the 16-35mm f/2.8. Gimbals don't work well unless they're balanced correctly, and combinations like that make it nearly impossible because it is so front-weighted.

That's where this incredibly simple but incredibly helpful little tool comes into play. It's really just a couple of weights and a clamp, but many times that's all you need to completely balance a setup. The clamp can be positioned as needed on the gimbal arms to get the balance juuuust right, solving your problem and making the stabilizer that much more useful.

Your rental comes with:

  • SmallRig 2274 Counterbalance Screw Clamp
  • SmallRig 2284 3.5oz threaded weight (x3)
  • SmallRig 2285 7oz threaded weight

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Brand SmallRig
Weight (lbs) 1

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