SmallHD 701 Lite 7" Monitor kit

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Brand: SmallHD

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A high quality monitor brimming with customizable tools, rent the Small HD 701 Lite 7” Monitor for reviewing footage on set, pulling focus using the monitor’s advanced false color and focus peaking tools, and previewing LUTs for making sure the perfect grade fits the shot. Choose which HDMI cable you need for your camera and you’re off to the races. The monitor can be powered by two Sony NP “L” batteries which are included along with a single charger.

Additional Information

Brand SmallHD
Display Size (in) 7
Display Resolution 1280 x 80
Max Input Resolution 1920 x 1080
Video Recorder Function No
Recording Media No
Battery Type LP-6, Sony L, DC Power
Max Brightness (nits) 450
HDMI Inputs 1
HDMI Input Type Full (Type A)
SDI Input Type No
HDMI Outputs 1
HDMI Output Type Full (Type A)
SDI Output Type No
Split Screen Viewing No
Depth (in) 1
Height (in) 4.2
Width (in) 7.6
Weight (lbs) 0.68

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