Sennheiser EW-DP Kit with Sanken COS-11D Lav Mic

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Brand: Sennheiser

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The latest Sennheiser EW series is a monumental update, with improvements to nearly every facet of this workhorse wireless system. We've making it even better for you by pairing this kit with one of the best lavalier mics on the planet.

The Sennheiser EW series have been hugely popular for many great reasons. But this latest update brings a massive set of improvements with it, including wider dynamic range, improved power supply, much cleaner user interface, better mounting options, and app-based control.

Wide Dynamic Range

The transmitter can handle an enormous 134 dB of dynamic range, meaning that you no longer have to worry about perfectly setting your input gain. Yes, you still want to get it close, but now you don't have to be too concerned if your talent suddenly starts talking louder or you get a sudden change in spl. Essentially, if the mic can handle it without clipping, then so can the transmitter. (Note that you still have to pay attention and set your output gain from the receiver correctly for your circumstances.)

Powerful Radio Improvements

The move from analog to digital UHF gives you unprecedented clarity in your signal. There's no need to worry about Wi-Fi or Bluetooth causing interference. You get 56 MHz of bandwidth and a whopping 2240 different frequencies to choose from. Lucky for you, there's an autoscan to choose the best one without you having to figure it out manually. The receiver also upgrades to two antennae (antennas?) with "diversity switching" to automatically utilize whichever one is getting the best signal. Pretty neat.

Power Supply Options and Improvements

Both the EK receiver and the SK bodypack transmitter can be powered by the BA 70 battery pack or AA batteries. In addition, the receiver has a USB C port which can be used to power the unit (as well as charge the internal BA 70). When using the BA 70 battery, you can expect about 12 hours of power for the transmitter and about 7 hours of power for the receiver. Regular alkaline AAs knock those numbers down to about 8 and 5 hours, respectively. Also improved is the display for battery life. No longer do you have to interpret what 3 bars of power mean. You can see a percentage charge and remaining runtime right on the receiver's display. It's hard to overstate how useful this is.

User Interface and App Control

Speaking of useful interface improvements, the entire menu structure and display layout has been updated to make settings as easy as possible. There are even helpful notifications to help with the most common problems. For example, if your audio clips, it will warn you. Or if the transmitter gets switched to "mute", the receiver lets you know. Or if power is running low, you'll get a warning about that too. It's like they've packed a wee tiny PA inside! (hopefully carrying a wee SAG-AFTRA card, amiright?)

There is an app available for both Apple and Android devices that allows you to control settings, name different channels, and generally keep track of a busy set in a much more organized way. Search for "EW-D Smart Assist" on your favorite app store.

Mounting option variety

The new EW-DP EK receiver has some nicely upgraded mounting solutions. Gone is the annoying wire-bound cold-shoe mount, replaced with a magnetic cheeseplate that offers a variety of configurations. You can still use a cold shoe to mount the plate, or you can mount it via a 1/4-20 screw directly onto the camera or rig. Plop the receiver onto the cheeseplate and simply let the magic of magnetism do its work. The cool thing about this design is that you can stack multiple receivers onto each other, making use of the single cheeseplate and magnets to hold everything in place.

World-class Lav Mic

We've saved the best for last. While the ME 2 mic that usually comes with this kit is a solid workhorse, we thought you deserve something better. So we paired this new rental kit with the jaw-dropping omnidirectional COS-11D from Sanken. If you know, then you know. This mic is found on nearly every TV production set in the world due to its diminutive size, tough as nails durability, and incredible sound performance. We have to warn you though: this mic is a one-way door. Rent it once and you won't be satisfied with anything else.

So let's review: You take one of the most used wireless kits on the market. You improve the performance. You improve the layout and user interface. You improve the power management. You improve the mounting options. And then you add a truly world-class lav mic to the mix. We'd humbly like to submit that for the money, this is simply the best wireless lav mic kit you can rent.

Included with your rental:

  • Sennheiser EW-DP EK Camera-mount digital wireless receiver
  • Sennheiser EW-D SK digital wireless bodypack transmitter
  • Sanken COS-11D omni lavalier microphone (normal sensitivity)
  • Sennheiser CL-35-TRS locking 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS coiled cable
  • Sennheiser CL-35-XLR right-angle locking 3.5mm to XLR male coiled cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Sennheiser BA 70 rechargeable li-ion battery pack (x2)
  • Mounting kit (cheeseplate, belt clip, cold shoe, 1/4-20 screw)

Additional Information

Brand Sennheiser
Mic Type Lavalier
Transducer Style Condenser
Pickup Pattern Omnidirectional
Stereo / Mono Mono
Phantom Power Required n/a
Windscreen Type wire mesh
Audio Output 3.5mm, XLR
Battery Type AA or BA 70

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User Manual

Sennheiser EW-DP User manual (pdf download)

Helpful tip: This user manual is for the whole EW-DP universe. The pages you'll be interested in start on 173 (for the transmitter) and 201 (for the receiver).

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