Grip & Production

Grip & Production

Grip & Production

  • Digital Juice Pro Flag Kit (24x36)

    Common Prices:
    1 Day: $15.00
    2 Days: $18.00
    3 Days: $21.60
    7 Days: $45.00


Grip and Production Gear Equipment Rentals

Whether you know exactly what pieces of equipment your video production company is looking for or have a general idea and need some guidance, Pro Photo Rental has a vast inventory of grip and production gear that will enable you to build out the best setup for your shoot. Whatever specific mounting scenario you have, be it a music video, documentary, interview, cooking show, or commercial, we have a solution.

Come on in and chat with our experts to figure out precisely what video production supplies you’ll need for a successful and efficient outcome and why Pro Photo Rental is your go-to rental company for all of it. We have comprehensive grip and production equipment rentals that are perfect for your photo and film production.

Note that this is a HUGE catch-all category of equipment. You'll find gear here for any size production, from the lowliest A-Clamp to mighty motorized 3-axis sliders. Your best bet is to narrow your search by browsing one of the categories below. And of course, we are here to answer your questions. Stop by or give us a call and we'll be happy to go over your list and make sure you're getting everything you need and nothing you don't.

  • Clamps and Hardware
    No one wants a catastrophe to occur on set. Make sure you have the necessary things to hold your cameras and lights in place securely. Pro Photo Rental carries all the support you could imagine, including Matthews gaffer grips, mafer clamps, matthelini grips, and more.

  • Scrims, Silks, Flags, and Rags
    Does your shoot need scrims or silks to reduce or soften light? Or maybe you need a duvetyne solid to block light entirely? Browse our curated selection of backdrops, flags, nets, reflectors, and silks to help shape the light exactly how you want it while on set or in the studio.

  • Stands and Booms
    Find the most efficient and discreet way to position lights and cameras for your shoot. Browse through all kinds of supports like booms, arms, jibs, c-stands, combo stands, cranes, high rollers, and more.

  • Tripods and Heads
    Choose from a variety of support options for video and still cameras at any size, from Wimberly heads for sports and wildlife to heavy-duty fluid heads for video.

  • Video Monitors
    With offerings from Atomos, Odyssey, and other top brands, Pro Photo Rental has a variety of monitors and monitor mounting options, as well as accessories like calibrators and wireless HDMI transmitters to make sure the right person has the ability to review footage accurately no matter where they are on set.

  • Stabilization and Movement
    Find solutions to your most headache-inducing stabilization needs. Motorized and non-motorized video stabilization, heavy and light duty sliders, gimbals, turntables, and others from brands like DJI, Kessler, Ikan, Tilta, Steadicam, and more are at your fingertips.

  • Power and Batteries
    Power where you need it, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Whether you’re looking for a generator like our EcoFlow Delta 1300 to quietly keep your production running off grid, V-mount batteries and mounting options, P-tap cables, or extra batteries and chargers for specific camera systems, we have you covered.

  • Backdrops
    Portable backdrops for chroma key/green screen, hand-painted muslins, photo-realistic background patterns, simple black or white backdrops, and stands for support are all available for rental, while seamless paper is available for purchase in a variety of colors and widths.

  • Memory and Data Storage
    With storage solutions ranging from micro SD all the way to large SSD drives for cinema cameras, as well as external SSD drives for backups or just to keep as a failsafe, we have the data capacity in the form you need for a smooth shoot. Even enough to keep your DIT happy. Well, maybe. Those DIT people are sometimes hard to please, amiright?

  • Production Accessories
    The final touches that many people overlook on production day won’t go unmentioned with us at Pro Photo Rental. From sandbags and stingers to a production slate and a director’s chair, all of the smallest details are accounted for with us.

Making your photo and film equipment extras a priority will ensure a smoother, more successful, and more efficient shoot. Come in, and let’s work out your unique situation together.