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Brand: QuikLok

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It's amazing how sometimes the smallest things make life so much better. Take this stand, for example. Many times when shooting in a wide open studio, you'll find that there isn't a good place to put things. A laptop. A sound mixer. Your maracas. Your pet iguana. You get the idea. Well, this stand solves that issue. It gives you a nice 15.3 x 12.2" platform that can easily be adjusted from 32.3 to 52" high. It's sturdy, too: put up to 25 lbs on there without batting an eye.

We think you'll mostly rent it to keep your laptop handy for tethered shooting. But listen, we won't judge if you decide that it's a perfect iguana perch. Just clean it off before returning, please.

Included with your rental:

  • QuikLok LPH001 Multifunction Stand

Additional Information

Brand QuikLok
Support Type Stand
Load Capacity (lbs) 25
Min Height (ft) 2.7
Max Height (ft) 4.3
Weight (lbs) 9.1

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