PocketWizard Plus III (set of 3)

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Brand: PocketWizard

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The PocketWizard Plus III transceiver is convenient and easy-to-use. Packed into this small transceiver are 32 channels, 4 groups, and long range mode to double the effective triggering distance in most situations. Rent this to easily trigger remote flash units or cameras You’ll have all your bases covered.

Included with your rental:

  • PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver (X3)
  • 1/8in - 1/8in Sync Cable (X3)
  • 1/8in - PC Sync Cable (X3)
  • 1/4in - 1/8in Sync Cable adapter (X3)

Additional Information

Brand PocketWizard
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 1

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