Photek Sunbuster 84" Umbrella Kit

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Brand: Photek

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Basically a patio umbrella that is built to photo standards, this beast can substitute for flying a silk overhead, or simply be used to keep talent cool. It is also colloquially known as an "Uncle Sam". A 42" extension pole with tilting frame is included, along with a heavy-duty tilting bracket. A black/silver cover replaces the white diffusion for long throw reflection or bounce lighting. The kit also includes a grip clamp and T-bar and a carrying case to put them all in. It's huge, and it's beautiful.

Additional Information

Brand Photek
Modifier Type Reflector / Bounce, Silk, Umbrella
Density 1.5 stops
Length (ft) 7
Width (ft) 7
Weight (lbs) 12

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