PD Movie Air Pro Wireless Follow Focus Kit (FIZ)

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Brand: Ikan

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If you’ve shot video even once you’ll understand the benefit of having a separate system to control focus while shooting. A system to wirelessly control focus while another user operates the camera makes life even easier and allows for complex movement while still maintaining focus and attention where you need it. This is where the PD Movie Air Pro Wireless Follow Focus Kit comes in. Connect the oversized focusing wheel to an iOS device, link the control to the lens, and enjoy the precision of fine focus control of a brushless motor system without ever having to touch the camera. The unit is also lightweight, allowing for the follow focus unit to be used while the camera system is mounted to a gimbal or steadicam rig. The battery also can last as long as 60 hrs at a time so you can shoot all day. Just make sure you charge the iphone.

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Brand Ikan
Accessory Type No
Weight (lbs) 1.05

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