Nila Boxer LED, Daylight

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Brand: Nila

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This daylight balanced LED fixture only pulls 200 watts, but still produces a lot of light. With an output roughly equivalent to the Joker 1600, these will really “light” up your day (and your set).

The Boxer Daylight LED Fixture from Nila provides you with a daylight balanced LED light, a set of six holographic lenses to change the beam angle, four grades of CTO gel, a minus-green gel, and a pouch that carries the lenses and gels. The Boxer is flicker-free up to 5000 fps while dimmed, and when the light is at 100% output, it is flicker-free for any frame rate. Featuring instant-on operation, there is no waiting for the light to come up to temperature or brightness, and the built-in dimmer provides 0-100% seamless adjustment with consistent color reproduction throughout the dimming range. The Boxer is DMX controllable if you want to add it into an existing DMX system.

Included in the kit are six holographic lenses: 10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° and a 10 x 60° elliptical lens, four grades of CTO hard plastic color correction (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full CTO), plus a 1/8th minus Green.

Additional Information

Brand Nila
Lighting Type Fixture
Lamp Style LED
Color Temp Variable No
Color Temp Range (kelvin) 5600
RGB "Rainbow" Color Mode No
Power Option A/C Plug
Max Power Draw (W) 200
Built-in Wireless Control Yes
Dimming 0 - 100%
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8")
Barndoors Included No
Height (in) 10
Length (in) 10
Width (in) 8
Weight (lbs) 24

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