Nanlite Fabric Barndoors and Grid (Pavotube II 30x)

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Brand: Nanlite

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Rent these fabric barndoors and grid to vary the beam angle on PavoTube II 30x lights.

The barndoors run the full length of the light and adjust from 5 to 180 degrees of spread. In addition, you can use the included 45 degree grid to control light spill and direct it exactly where you need it.

You maintain access to all of the light's functions through the use of a velcro rear-access panel.

One additional feature is that even though these are designed to fit the PavoTube II 30x light, they are will fit over any T12 tube light that is a similar length (roughtly 48" or ~120cm).

Additional Information

Brand Nanlite
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 1

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