Manfrotto Articulated Arm Camera Mount

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Brand: Manfrotto

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This multi-jointed arm is the perfect way to position your camera in those special circumstances where a standard tripod just won't cut it.

You can use it like a mini boom arm, adjust it for a unique angle (either super high or super low), or even just use it to add some more reach to your existing mount solution.

When fully extended, the 2-section arm is 23.6" in length and can support up to 2.2lbs. So you won't be mounting any super telephoto lenses, but a mirrorless with a prime lens should work just fine.

Alternatively, you can use this mount to add a wide variety of mounting positions for camera accessories such as lights or monitors. It's like adding an arm to your camera, giving you a ton of flexibility.

However you choose to use it, it can be a super helpful "problem solver" for a number of situations.

Additional Information

Brand Manfrotto
Accessory Type Mount
Weight (lbs) 1.1

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