Manfrotto 425B Megaboom

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Brand: Manfrotto

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Coming this fall, a new partnership between Christopher Nolan and John Woo: The Megaboom.

Just kidding. But sweet would that be if those two worked together on a film?

Alas, instead of a butt-kicking action film, we present you with this (still awesome) boom arm for hanging lights waaaaay out there. The total extension of this beast is 12 feet, although it collapses down to a somewhat more manageable 7' for transport and storage.

The benefit of this boom over something like a menace arm is that you get cranks to adjust pan, tilt, rotation, and extension. Sounds like something my physical therapist would love. In any event, all those controls make it a piece of cake to adjust your light into just the right position.

Included with your rental is a specially designed counterweight bag that works perfectly with the boom. (Now I want "The Boom" to be my nickname). Speaking of weight, you can place up to 13 lbs worth of lights and modifiers on the end of this at full extension. At minimum extension, that figure jumps up to 66 lbs, although I'm not sure who rents a super long boom to use in a collapsed state.

Note that you will need AT LEAST one very heavy sandbag for whichever stand you choose to use with this boom. We recommend the crank stand and a couple of 35lb bags to make sure everything stays topple-free.

Additional Information

Brand Manfrotto
Support Type Boom / Arm
Mount Type Junior pin
Load Capacity (lbs) 13
Min Length (ft) 7
Max Length (ft) 12
Weight (lbs) 33

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