IDX BP-U Battery Kit - 48Wh x2

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Brand: IDX

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These batteries are an excellent choice for extra power to high-draw Sony cameras such as the FX6 and FX9.

We combine them into a kit of two along with a charger so that you'll have access to continuous power.

We like this size and capacity, as it's nice balance between portability (being smaller than, say, a BP-U90), but still has more juice than the smaller BP-U30 batteries that most Sony cinema bodies come with.

It's an especially good option for gimbals, where anything BP-U60 size or above would just be too bulky.

Additional Information

Brand IDX
Weight (lbs) No
Power Type Camera battery
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Output Voltage 14.4
Current Capacity (mAh) 3300
Energy Capacity (Wh) 48

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