Avenger Heavy Duty Steel Boom Stand

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Brand: Avenger

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Officially known as the Avenger A4050CS 16.4' Steel Boom Stand 50, we simply call this thing "Freakin' awesome".

It combines the best properties of a super-stable combo stand with the added versatility of a boom arm. This all-in-one solution is WAY easier to transport than a separate stand/boom combination, yet gives you pretty much the exact same utility and function.

As its name implies, the stand can go up to nearly sixteen and a half feet high, and you can pivot the first riser at an angle to get a boom that can extend out to 8 feet.

In vertical mode, this beast can handle up to 66 lbs. The load rating when in boom mode is related to how far extended you have it, but at full extension, it's still rated for up to 17 lbs.

The footprint when the legs are opened is a massive 4.4 feet, keeping everything nice and stable. Even so, you'll want to use plenty of sand on the legs to keep it locked down. We include a 25 lb sandbag, but that is for the boom arm counterweight, so you'll want to add more for the legs.

It's a big, heavy, durable, and stable stand. We love it.

Included with your rental:

  • Avenger A4050CS 16.4' Steel Boom Stand 50
  • 25lb yellow/black hi-viz sandbag

Additional Information

Brand Avenger
Support Type Boom / Arm, Stand
Mount Type Baby pin (5/8"), Junior pin
Load Capacity (lbs) 66
Min Length (ft) 5
Max Length (ft) 8
Min Height (ft) 6
Max Height (ft) 16.4
Footprint (ft) 4.4
Weight (lbs) 32

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