Adaptalux Macro Light Kit

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Brand: Adaptalux

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The creative solutions using this macro lighting kit are endless! Bendable and adjustable macro lighting arms give you the ability to create your own mini-lighting studio for macro and product photography. With the included UV lighting arms, you’ll be able to “see a whole new world” with your macro photography.

We have recently updated this kit to include the new Control Pod 3.0, which is a much more robust and powerful solution. You get increased battery life, a MUCH better control layout, a metal 1/4-20 bottom mount, and USB-C charging. This is also compatible with the Adaptalux app, allowing you to control things via Bluetooth.

This ultimate kit comes with: the control pod, 4 standard white lighting arms, 4 colored lighting arms (red, green, blue, and amber), 2 more powerful white lighting (Arm-S), 2 UV lighting arms, 3 diffusion domes, 6 colored filters (red, green, blue, pink, yellow, and orange), cold shoe mount, and a usb charging cable and wall adapter.

Additional Information

Brand Adaptalux
Accessory Type Lighting
Weight (lbs) 1

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