65" X-Large Deep White Umbrella with Diffusion

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Brand: Impact

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This extra large deep umbrella / PLM is a great way to spread your light softly over a large area or subject. With its included diffusion cover, it's especially nice for full length portraits.

The interior is white for a slightly softer light bounce, and the standard umbrella rod means it is compatible with basically every photo light on the market.

Naturally, everything packs down nice and small into an included bag for easy transport.

We are of the opinion that bounce umbrellas don't get the love they deserve compared to their fancy-schmancy softbox compatriots. But rent this combo and see what (perhaps) you've been missing.

Additional Information

Brand Impact
Modifier Type Softbox, Umbrella
Length (ft) 5.4
Width (ft) 5.4
Weight (lbs) 2.7

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