Zoom L-12 Digital Mixer & Recorder

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Brand: Zoom

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Whether you're looking to produce a podcast, record a new album with your band, or mix together a panel of miked talent at a conference, this 12-track mixer and recorder is here to give you amazing audio quality.

You get a huge variety of inputs: 8 combination XLR/TRS jacks with incredibly high-quality preamps and 2 stereo pairs of 1/4" TRS or RCA inputs. Each of the combo inputs have +48V phantom power, a compressor, -26dB pad, L-R pan control, a low cut filter, and a multi-band EQ available. You also get a built-in EFX engine with 16 different effects to add to your mix. Oh, and we should also mention that the first two XLR/TRS inputs can be high-impedence for direct connection to instruments.

Regarding outputs, the Zoom LiveTrak L-12 has a whopping 5 headphone outputs, which is really amazing when you're multi-tracking a band session and everyone wants their own 'phones. In addition, you get a pair of XLR outputs and a pair of 1/4" TRS output jacks.

All of what we've talked about so far is relatively standard for a 12-track mixer, but where the L-12 really shines is that it also functions as an audio recorder and USB interface. You get up to 96 kHz / 24 bit recording of 12 tracks onto an SD card for editing in your favorite DAW. You can also use the unit as a 14-in/4-out USB audio interface at 48 kHz of resolution.

Add in overdubbing capabilities, auto-record, a 2-second pre-record, a metronome, and a built-in slate mic, and you've got a versatile audio unit that can (basically) do it all.

You get this incredible amount of functionality packed into a relatively small and lightweight unit that's easy to take on the road for your next gig or event.

Included with your rental:

  • Zoom LiveTrak L-12 12-channel Digital Mixer & Multitrack Recorder
  • AC power cord/wall wart
  • USB cable
  • Gator Cases protective travel case

Additional Information

Brand Zoom
Tracks 12
Recording Formats WAV
Audio Input - XLR 8
TRS Inputs - 1/4" 10
Line Out Yes
Recording Media SD
Media Slots 1
Max Power Draw (W) No
Headphone Jack Yes
Weight (lbs) 5.6

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