Vanguard Alta BH-300 Ballhead

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Brand: Vanguard

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This is a solid choice for a huge variety of photo setups (or even video, as long as you're staying "locked off"). It has a weight rating of 66 lbs from the factory, which means we generally recommend an upper limit of about 15-18 lbs. (Sorry ballhead manufacturers: your weight ratings are generally crap, and we are here to inform the public about what's *right* and recommended, not about what's theoretically possible.)

So that makes this head perfect for nearly any situation, including up to super telephoto lenses. It has an incredibly smooth ball movement, and the lock knob is solid and positive. Everything is nicely machined, and you can tell that it is manufactured well.

One of the primary benefits of this head is its Arca-Swiss compatible mount. It comes with a plate, but you can also use your own. This is especially beneficial for those shooters that have an L-bracket semi-permanently attached to their camera. Those tend to be Arca Swiss compatible, so simply slide the bracket into this head, tighten the clamp, and you're good to go!

Naturally, you also get full 360° panning (with lock and angle marks on the base), as well as a handy 90° offset slot for shooting in portrait orientation or other vertical shooting situations.

Additional Information

Brand Vanguard
Head Type Ballhead
Mount/Base Flat
Load Capacity (lbs) 66
Adjustable Counter Balance No
Adjustable Tilt Resistance No
Adjustable Pan Resistance No
Weight (lbs) 0.9

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