Used For Sale - Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG Art EF (Canon mount) - x1957

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50mm lenses are the real sweet spot in the SLR camera world. They've got a great field of view for a variety of things, and really excel at portraits (especially for weddings). Until now, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L has basically been "King of the Mountain" for anyone looking to maximize image quality at this focal length. Well, folks, prepare to shift your allegiance. Sigma has done it again with the 50mm f1.4 DG HSM Art lens. Blowing the Canon and Nikon 50mm lenses out of the water for image quality and sharpness, this lens is being compared the the Zeiss 55mm Otus lens (priced at a whopping $4 Grand!).

The bokeh with this lens is exceptional, and deserves all the credit it’s been given. We can’t forget that the Sigma 50mm Art lens is super sharp… you’ll want to take this lens everywhere with you just to prove how sharp it is across different apertures. With the HSM focusing motor, you’re not missing the shot either. Silent, fast focusing is perfect for wedding, portrait, and event photographers.

There's very, very little not to love about this lens. Be prepared for a lens heavier than most 50 primes you've shot with before though. This is no small piece of glass. It feels sturdy and smooth - so it's worth it. In addition, it's not really designed for macro shots, but you probably knew that anyway.

Includes: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG Art (Canon mount) Lens, Front and rear lens caps, Factory lens hood, and the original box and packaging.

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