Tether Tools 15' USB C Cable and Tetherblock

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Brand: Tether Tools

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The perfect way to tether your camera to a computer, this 15' USB cable has a type C connector on each end for easy connection to most modern cameras. Type C can be adapted to other types of USB such as mini and micro, but will require adapters that we do not carry. Please let us know if you need to connect to a different style of USB connector and we can work with you to get it figured out.

Also included with your rental is a Tetherblock that attaches to the bottom of the camera and prevents the tether cable from being jerked out of the connector (possibly damaging it and or the camera).

This is a great kit for immediate review and backup of images while in the studio, and the orange cable makes it easier to see and avoid tripping over.

Additional Information

Brand Tether Tools
Accessory Type Camera
Weight (lbs) 0.2

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