Tentacle Sync E Mk II Timecode Generator

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Brand: Tentacle

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The Tentacle Sync E mk II Timecode Generator is a compact miracle on set, ensuring that your audio and video are in perfect harmony, like peanut butter and jelly, but for your cameras and audio recorders.

Sync Like a Boss

Gone are the days of mismatched timelines and post-production headaches. With the Tentacle Sync E mk II, synchronize multiple devices with pinpoint accuracy. It’s like having a symphony conductor for all your filming gear, ensuring everything sings in perfect tune. Whether you're coordinating DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, or audio recorders, this little beast handles it all with a simple tap.

Control at Your Fingertips

Thanks to its intuitive Tentacle Setup app, control is literally in the palm of your hand. Monitor, set up, and adjust all your Tentacle devices remotely. This is like a magic wand that turns your smartphone into a master control center!

Long-Lasting and Rugged

Designed for the relentless demands of film sets, the Tentacle Sync E mk II boasts an all-day battery life and a robust build. It's tougher than a two-dollar steak and ready to tackle any shooting environment, from the icy tundras to the sweltering deserts.

Future-Proof Your Workflow

This device streamlines your workflow, reduces editing time, and eliminates clapperboard claps (unless you like them, of course!). It’s a no-brainer for anyone serious about video production.

Rent the Tentacle Sync E mk II Timecode Generator and experience easy synchronization like never before. It’s small, it's mighty, and it's ready to make your life a whole lot easier.

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot supply the Tentacle Sync Studio Software. But feel free to use your own license with these units. They're perfectly compatible.

Key specifications:

  • Supports all SMPTE timecode rates (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, and 30 fps)
  • Battery life: 35 hours via built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Can function as a master clock or can jam-sync devices when used with an external timecode source
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible for easy setup and monitoring

Included with your rental:

  • Sync E mk II Timecode Generator
  • Your choice of sync cable (select from drop down)
  • USB-C Cable
  • Cable Clamp

Additional Information

Brand Tentacle
Accessory Type Timecode
Weight (lbs) 0.07

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