Steadicam Steadimate-S Aero15 Arm & Vest

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Brand: Steadicam

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Motorized gimbal stabilizers have transformed the filmmaking industry, allowing for smooth shots in situations that were nearly impossible in the past. But for all their benefits, they still have two downsides: a) They don't isolate Z-axis vertical oscillations (like walking) very well, and b) They can be stinking heavy!

Enter the Steadimate-S, which solves both issues, and won "Product of the Year" in the camera support category at NAB 2019. This vest and arm combination attach to your small hand-held stabilizer to provide excellent vertical isolation while also shifting the load from your arms to a comfortable hip belt. Steadicam has been making camera stabilizers since 1975, so they definitely know what they're doing.

We especially appreciate the flexibility you get with this setup, including a "low mode" for super low angle shots that still need stabilization.

The kit we rent includes the A15 arm, which is rated to 15lbs of support, as well as the Aero vest for comfortable use over days on location. This setup is a real problem solver for those looking for the ultimate stabilization at the best price.

Your rental includes:

  • Steadicam A15 Stabilizer Arm
  • Steadicam Aero Vest
  • Steadimate-S Gimbal
  • Base Bracket
  • Balance Stud
  • Clamp Rings & Screws
  • 1/4-20 Tripod Adapter
  • 3/8-16 Anti-Rotation Screws
  • Weight Rod (x2)
  • Clamp Adapter (x2)
  • 1/4 lb (0.11kg) balance weight (x4)
  • 1/2 lb (0.22kg) balance weight (x6)

Additional Information

Brand Steadicam
Accessory Type Gimbal
Weight (lbs) 15

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