Sony 960GB CFExpress Type A

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Brand: Sony

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Sony certainly loves their proprietary memory formats, don't they? We hate it as much as you do. But they're *kinda* the only game in town for this particular format, so we have to play their games and pay their outrageous prices.

All of that being said, the memory card you're getting here is very, very good. It's incredibly fast (700 MB/s write, 800 MB/S read), and as part of their "Tough" series, it is also dust, moisture, and shock resistant.

You will need this memory type for high-speed, RAW, or other high-bitrate shooting on Sony's cameras like the FX6, FX3, and A7s III, etc.

Additional Information

Brand Sony
Memory Type CFexpress (Type A)
Storage Capacity (GB) 960
Max Write Speed (MB/sec) 700
Max Read Speed (MB/sec) 800
Weight (lbs) No

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