Shure KSM32 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Brand: Shure

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The Shure KSM32 is a high-quality large diaphragm condenser microphone designed for professional recording applications. It has a cardioid pickup pattern and requires +48V phantom power to operate.

The KSM32 has a 1" diaphragm made of gold-sputtered Mylar, which helps to produce a clear and detailed sound. It also has a wide and flat frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, making it suitable for recording a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to high-frequency treble. You also get two selectable low-cut filters, one at 80 Hz with an 18 dB/Octave roll off, and one at 115 Hz that utilizes a 6 dB/Octave taper. This can make a world of difference to reduce the proximity effect that can muddy your sound.

The KSM32 is versatile and can be used to record a wide range of instruments and sources. It is particularly well-suited for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and percussion. It can also be used for recording amplifiers and other sound sources with a high output level (up to 154 dB) using its built-in -15 dB pad.

Overall, the Shure KSM32 is a high-quality microphone that is ideal for recording professionals and enthusiasts alike. It is designed to deliver a clear and detailed sound and is built to withstand the demands of the recording studio or stage. This is another one of those "classic" mics that you will find in recording studio microphone lockers around the world. It's that good, and has the sound profile that many producers know and love.

Included with your rental:

  • Shure KSM32/SL Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • ShureLock Stand Mount
  • ShureLock Rubber Isolated Shockmount
  • Protective Velveteen Pouch
  • Hardshell protective case
  • 5/8" to 3/8" stand adapter

Additional Information

Brand Shure
Mic Type Instrument, Vocal
Transducer Style Condenser
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Stereo / Mono Mono
Phantom Power Required Yes
Windscreen Type n/a
Audio Output XLR
Battery Type n/a
Max Power Draw (W) n/a

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